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palio grano 2018

Old Centaur Pub

A purely local-style English to enjoy the best international beers, great cocktails and live music.


The Restaurant

The Healthy Kitchen Traditional Local and delicious nuances of the International Kitchen married into one.


The Hotel

The ideal retreat for those who want to spend a period of absolute calm.


To celebrate "The Most Important Day" in an unforgettable

<i>Antonio & Giulia</i>

Antonio & GiuliaWEDDING

<i>Giuseppe & Marylucy</i>

Giuseppe & MarylucyWEDDING

<i>Fabio & Marilena</i>

Fabio & MarilenaWEDDING

<i>Michelangelo & Rosy</i>

Michelangelo & RosyWEDDING

<i>Pietro & Nicoletta</i>

Pietro & NicolettaWEDDING

<i>. . .</i>


<i>. . .</i>


<i>Maria Elisa</i>


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